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Effective brand design starts with your audience.

Are you struggling to pick the perfect color palette because you’re choosing colors YOU love?

Do you have a hard time keeping a consistent writing tone? Or are you not sure if you should be more profession or laidback?

Having one person in mind is a complete game-changer in brand design, writing style and marketing techniques.

Which is exactly why I’ve made a free downloadable target audience profile worksheet. 

I cannot stress how much this helps you gain clarity on your entire brand design and writing.

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Designing your brand (down to the colors and fonts) can get extremely frustrating. 

I struggled with this a LOT when I first started. Little did I know it was because I was picking MY favorite colors. Not the colors that my target audience loves.

I wasn’t even sure exactly WHO I was writing for.  And that is CRUCIAL to know when you’re building a blog or following on social media. 

By the time you complete this worksheet, you’ll have a good idea who you’re writing and “selling” to so you can begin designing your brand with your audience in mind. 

Target audience profile worksheet

What you’ll get...

  • A single page profile worksheet covering painpoints, hobbies, interests, & core values.
  • 4 prompts in the point of view of your target audience so you can start thinking like them.
  • An extra pro tip to find your audience values and pain points if you’re struggling to find them.
  • It’s completely free and instantly sent to your email address

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create your signature style in 9 easy steps

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